Thursday, August 20, 2015

8/20/15 Waterford

 The temps are still in the 90s, but at least today there was a strong southerly breeze.

Today was a workday!  Ron washed the boat, which was covered with muck from the locks and lots of spiders and webs.

There is a very nice Laundromat just a few blocks from here and I took advantage of it and did several loads. After returning from the laundromat, we headed for the grocery store across the Hudson River (1/2 mile away). 

 Hannaford's Grocery Store allows boaters to bring a carts back to the marina.  The carts have an electronic lock on the wheels and cannot normally leave the parking lot.  In order to take a cart, one of the employees accompanies you to the edge of the parking lot and then uses a scanner to de-activate the lock. 

Ron pushed the cart back and I got a few pictures.  Some Facebook friends wondered if he was homeless:)

We had dinner at the Angry Penguin, fish and chips.  Tomorrow is supposed to be a stormy one, so we will probably be confined to the boat. 

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