Friday, August 28, 2015

8/27/15 Ossining to Statue of Liberty anchorage

We waited for the sailing school kids to leave the harbor before heading over to the main dock for a pump-out.  The harbor master was not in the office, so we left him a note with our names and phone number.  Each day we were at the yacht club, we tried to sign a form so that we could pay for our slip.  He shrugged us off every time.  Our boat was placed on a very rickety dock with a fair amount of traffic going past us to the harbor and the restaurant next door.  It wasn't an ideal location, but we certainly thought we would be paying the $2.00 per foot advertised.  So far we have not heard from him.

By 1030 we were headed south on the Hudson River.

 Vigilance is key to traveling in NY harbor.  There are Circle Line boats that make a loop from the Harem River, Hudson River, East River and back.  Ferries are delivering passengers on both sides of the Hudson.  Ships and barges are often encountered going north and south and once you near the Statue of Liberty, ferries loaded with tourists are prevalent. And of course there are pleasure craft like ours going every which way.   Traffic on the river today was not bad during our 2 1/2 hour trip.

After rounding the Statue of Liberty, we followed the marked channel to an anchorage.

 At first we had difficulty getting our anchor to hold in the muddy bottom, but after a few tries, we were set.  Ron and Duke visited the shore via dinghy a couple of times.

ere is a nice dinghy dock not too far away and the seven anchored boats seemed to be using the dock to go ashore. 

With a full moon overhead, we had a lovely view of the back of Lady Liberty. 

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