Sunday, June 15, 2014

6/14/14 War Museum


view across the canal

After a late start, we got on the bikes and rode 2km to the War Museum.  Ron LOVES museums…any kind, anywhere.  (Me, not so much)  We spent 5 hours looking at the Canadians’ war history, which was interesting.  By the time we came out, it had begun to drizzle, so it was a wet ride back.  We decided to have dinner on the boat (steaks, potatoes and veggies).

light behind Parliament

  While sitting on the top deck after dinner just before dark, we notice a fleet of kayaks with headlights approaching us.  They belong to a kayak club at a nearby marina and were out for a semi-annual night event.  One of the kayakers jokingly told us they were the Canadian Navy. 

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