Friday, June 6, 2014

6/5/14 Oswego to the Rideau

Mural in Oswego Harbor

Lock 8 at Oswego opened at 0800, and we were the only boat requesting a lock-through.  The forecast for Lake Ontario described waves under 2 feet and winds less than 10 mph.  Although we had a beamy sea hitting our port side, it was a calm ride to Kingston, ON.  The outside air temperature was 45 degrees and the water temperature was 40.  (No swimming today).    I was dressed in long pants, a fleece jacket, hat and gloves.  Ron was in shorts and a t-shirt.  As the inside temperature dropped, Ron finally changed into warmer gear. 
Selfie-taken as we crossed Lake Ontario

 We arrived at Kingston harbor and it began to rain.  At the same time, our autopilot and Furuno chart plotter stopped working.  That happens occasionally and we have to re-boot.  It took several tries before we were successful.  On a day like today, there was limited boat traffic (only ferries) and the water depth was not an issue, so traveling without the electronics was not a problem. 

As we motored past Kingston, Ron used our cell phone to call the national Canadian phone number to check in to customs, but they told him to use the pay phone at the lock to check in.   

By 1630 we had reached our destination at the bottom of the first lock of the Rideau Canal.  The canal closed at 4:00, so we were too late for a lift up the 4 stair-step locks.  We pulled up along the blue line for the night and readied ourselves for the 0900 opening in the morning.  The pay phone was at the top of the four locks (several flights of stairs up).  Ron said the check-in was easy.  Because they had our information from last season, he was asked only a few questions. 

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