Thursday, June 26, 2014

6/22/14 and 6/23/14 Smiths Falls to Colonel By Island

After a brief trip to the drug store to return something from yesterday’s purchase, we headed toward the lock, just making it in time, since another boat was already tied up.  The owner of this small Bayliner-style boat said his boat burns 11 gallons per hour.  YIKES!  Compared to our 2 gallons per hour, that is a travesty.  After a second lock, we entered Big Rideau Lake and headed for Colonel By Island.  Because it was Sunday, there were lots of boats. 
 Many were on mooring balls and the others anchored or tied to the three docks on the island.  It is a beautiful setting. 
 The water is clear, clear, clear.  Old tennis courts and a club house, now run down, are present on the island.  At one time, bands would play here.  It is reported that Paul Anka was a guest here.  New docks and bathrooms make this a great destination.  There is a walking trail around the island (2 miles).  Ron, led by Duke and his nose, followed the entire trail.  We met another Springer Spaniel, Molly, on the boat next to us. 
She and Duke did not hit it off…apparently Molly has another boyfriend.  Molly did not like to swim so her owner donned is life jacket, put Molly on his shoulder and went for a swim.  Although Molly tolerated it, I don’t think she was having a great time.   
One boat here had all sorts of toys for the kids and adults:  kayaks, snorkel gear, and even a remote control float plane. 

 By evening, most of the boats had departed.  Those boaters appeared to be families with children.  Three of the remaining boats were French Canadians, Francophones (French speaking) with the exception of the boat behind us. One of the French Canadian boaters was the same one we met in Merrickville and again in Smiths Falls.

Nights here are short because of the summer solstice and the location (45th parallel).  It remains light until 10pm and the sunrise is 5am.  With the hatch above our heads as we sleep, I have always been awakened at first light. 
My solution this year has been fabulous.  I have a sleeping mask that keeps the light out and allows me to sleep as late as I want.  That said, Ron is the morning dog feeder and dog walker, usually around 7 am.  Thank you Ron!



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