Monday, June 2, 2014

Monday, June 2, 2014: provisioning

Today we are doing the last grocery run before heading for Canadian waters.  The bikes are loaded.  Now we are waiting for a good weather window.  The forecast is for several days of storms, which may keep us in Brewerton until Friday.  Tonight we hope to get together for dinner with Ken and Ann Shanley.  They are heading for the Trent Severn next week, while we will head for the Rideau and Ottawa.  We are in no hurry since our final destination is Peoria, IL in mid-September.  Most of the Loopers are headed for Florida, so they are taking a more direct route to Lake Michigan. 

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  1. Hi Y'all! I just took a peak & plan to read all the awesome details next week, when I start summer vacation from my school job.
    The blog, photos, tidbits, & fun facts are very enjoyable.
    Have a wonderful summer, & happy sailing, singing, & praying. My oldest brother & his wife had the same dog (a Springer Spaniel, correct?) Their beautiful girl was named: Gypsy. Their son now has same dog, a girl, named Olive. Pretty intelligent dogs. I have 2 retired greyhounds, my favorite breed! ha!
    God bless u 2 & Duke. Do take care, be safe as u enjoy God's tremendous & beautiful creation.
    Love, R & B
    (Rosemary & Bman)