Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/21/14 Day 2-Smiths Falls

Ron and I are always a day early or a day late for the typical summer festivals, but this time was different.  There was a wellness festival downtown and the streets were blocked.  Numerous activities were going on:  field hockey, zumba demonstrations, booths with wellness displays and healthy food options.  One of these vendors had muffins on a stick.  There were also face-painters and circus type entertainers.
muffins on a stick

face painters

man walking on glass
field hockey (our boat in distant background)

We had planned to stop at the local bakery for breakfast but it was not open, so we choose a Greek restaurant.  VERY INTERESTING.  They did not have a menu, everything cost $4.50, and there were no customers.  The waiter was the cook and service was very slow.  We probably would not refer future loopers to this restaurant:)

After returning to the boat, Ron took the bike to the grocery store.  I decided I needed an ibuprofen for some aches and pains.  Let's just say I had a mental lapse when I grabbed the wrong bottle and took a Tylenol PM.  Within a half hour, I was sound asleep and it was only 1pm. 

Last Sunday we missed church because we were in a remote area.  Today (Saturday) we opted for the vigil mass at St. Francis de Sales.  It was a lovely church.

 During the homily, the priest mentioned (and we had heard this throughout Canada last summer) that 75% of Catholics no longer attend mass.  I wonder if that applies to all Christian churches in Canada. 
Musical comment:  Pianist, no choir.  Only two songs during the entire mass.  (miss our OLL choir in Dunedin)

After a good dinner, we walked to the Kilt and Castle for dessert, but primarily to get their WIFI password.  Thanks to them, we are finally able to use the internet.

Tomorrow we are heading toward Newboro, about 25 miles away.  Our friends Ken and Ann are still in Brewerton due to some problems with their boat.  As we head for the Trent Severn, we will meet up with them again. 

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