Friday, June 6, 2014

6/6/14 Kingston Mills to Jones Falls

After sleeping late and having a leisurely breakfast, we entered the lock with a Canadian boat, Scott Free I.  Denise and Bob were our "lock mates" throughout the morning and early afternoon as we locked up 7 times before arriving at our destination of Jones Falls.   We are nestled along the "blue line" below the lock.  In Canada, the blue line is the waiting area for lockage.  After hours, you can tie up the line for the night (no power or water).  You must have a "parks Canada pass" for seasonal lockage and mooring. 

Water was like glass
Hotel Kenney is within a stone's throw of our boat.  We inquired about dinner ($35.00 per person) but decided hotel Jan was a better choice.  We grilled pork chops, accompanied by potatoes and broccoli and ate on the top deck of the boat.  Lovely dining!
scenery on the Rideau


In the lock with Scott Free I

Scott Free I

On the blue line (Jones Falls) near Hotel Kenney


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