Wednesday, June 18, 2014

6/18/14 Burritt's Rapids to Merrickville

Our destination today was Merrickville, a mere 6 miles from our starting point of Burritt's Rapids.  However there are 9 locks in this section, so we knew it would be several hours before we reached our destination.  Prior to today, we have had no wait at locks, but today, we had a 45 minute wait at Lower Nicholson Lock due to two boats that were locking down. This series of 3 locks require the lock master to drive his car to the middle lock from the bottom lock (about a 2 minute drive).
Our travel time today was about 4 hours.  While we were in the last lock, a man came up and talked to Ron.  He and his wife had rented a houseboat in Smiths Falls and were headed for Burritt's Rapids.  After talking for a few minutes, they realized that both he and Ron were from the same town (Elizabeth, NJ) although they had not attended the same schools. 

Once we got to Merrickville, we had a late lunch.  I then began searching for a hair salon.  Every 3 or 4 weeks, while on the boat, I am forced to find someone to cut my hair.  So far, I've always had good haircuts.  The price in Canada is about what I pay in FL.  A couple of years ago, while on the Tennessee River and in other spots in the south, I was astonished at the high prices in hair salons. 
This town caters to tourists and has some nice shops.  I stopped in one and bought a new top.  Tomorrow I'll do some additional shopping.  Tonight we had dinner at the Baldachin Inn, a circa 1860's heritage designated building.  My dinner was my favorite so far since arriving in Canada. 
Dinner at Baldachin Inn---very good!

old house in Merrickville


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