Saturday, June 21, 2014

6/20/14 Merrickville to Smiths Falls

During the night it got very cold!!  In the middle of the night, I started closing all of the boat’s windows. 
After a second night in Merrickville, we headed back to Smiths Falls.  One of the boats on our dock last night was from Three Rivers (Quebec)  and we soon realized that only the husband spoke English.  It is amazing how much one can communicate through gestures and body language.  Ron had helped them dock when they arrived, so he assisted us with lines as we left this morning. 

We’ve mentioned this many times, but it is worth repeating.  The Canadian lock workers are wonderful.  They assist you in and out of the locks, offer advice when requested, and assist with docking when staying on lock walls.  A key for the restroom is available to boaters, but there is no power for the boat at this location.  We rely on the generator when needed, but usually rely on battery power. The only thing we can’t do with the batteries is run the water heater or the air conditioners. 

It was windy today, the first choppy water we’ve experienced on the Rideau.  By mid-day, we arrived in Smiths Falls.  They have a very large, clean Laundromat which was filled with customers. In order to get to the Laundromat, we loaded Ron’s bike with four large bike bags and we both rode the few blocks to town.  After an hour and a half washing and drying clothes, we headed for a hot dog stand for lunch. 

Again, we are the only boat on the wall in Smiths Falls.  This time, we are on the back side of the blue line wall instead of the park wall.  This offers us a little more privacy and security.  We’ve been told that the school will end soon for summer.  At that time, there will be an increase in Canadian boaters. 

Ron’s favorite Czech restaurant (My Place) was open for dinner.  The menu offers many freshly prepared meals and it was very good.  We learned on the way back to the boat that one of the pubs has music starting at 9:00p.m.  Hopefully we are still awake!
Note:  No, we didn't make it to the pub and opted instead for relaxation on the boat.

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