Tuesday, June 10, 2014

6/9/14 Smith Falls to Burritts Rapids

waiting on the blue line for a lock to open
After walking the dog (Ron), a trip on the bike to WalMart for a few groceries (Ron), some daily chores and breakfast (me), we were ready when the lock opened at 1000.  The lockmaster asked if we had a good evening and we mentioned the car that was pulled out of the swim beach.  He said that he read this morning that the vehicle had been stolen some time back and was discovered yesterday by some swimmers.

 Today was a day of locks and swing bridges.  We went through 13 locks, and it was very hot and sunny. Fortunately there was a breeze.  One of the Parks Canada lock workers said they are really down in numbers of boats traveling the Rideau. (at least 18-20 boats fewer than last year at this time).  He said that tourist season will start in a couple of weeks.  We are so glad that we traveled here before the crowds.  We only waited briefly at one lock while a boat locked up.  On the Rideau, Newboro is the high point in the middle.  From Lake Ontario, we locked up until Newboro.  Now we are locking down.   

Tonight we are tied up to a dock below Burritts Rapids Lock.  There is electricity for the first time since we entered the Rideau.  ($ 9.80 Canadian)  A really good deal for us since our battery bank was running low.

music on the boat
gorgeous sunset

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