Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/12/14 Orillia

Work day today.  Ron went to the Laundromat while I thoroughly cleaned the inside of the boat.  With a dog aboard, the dog hair accumulates quickly.

The four of us headed for Mariposa Market for lunch.  This is the BEST place I've eaten in a while.  It is a bakery with every kind of sweet imaginable.  They also have sandwiches and soups.  Price for a large specialty sandwich  of turkey, harvati cheese, lettuce mix, sprouts, and jalapeno jelly was $4.99. 

Church at 5:00pm was an uphill ride.  Huffin' and puffin'!
What a unique visiting priest.  He started the service strangely reciting poems from Pope Benedict.  During the homily, we had a timer on the podium which periodically beeped.  There seemed to be no purpose to the timer.  We weren't sure why he was using it.  His thought processes seemed to be interrupted periodically.  Perhaps early Alzheimers? 

The organ in the balcony was very unusual.

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