Thursday, July 24, 2014

7/24/14 Killbear Marina to Byng Inlet

Georgian Bay, on the Eastern side of Lake Huron, is home to 30,000 islands.  Some channels are small and navigable only by canoe or kayak.  Others, which are slightly larger, are restricted to boats under 40' in length.  Today, we navigated through one of those--Canoe Channel, while Ken and Ann opted to go outside with their larger boat. 

We had to be vigilant in the small narrow channel, where rocks lie just outside the markers and under the surface.  At times, I stood on the bow and looked ahead for hazards.  Fortunately, we never encountered any problems.

Sites along the way provide diversions for us.  One or the other of us is often taking photographs.
The days run together---sometimes the only way to know the day of the week is to look at one's pillbox. 
fire tower



light house

There are many variations in housing along the way.










Sailing through narrow channels with rocks

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