Thursday, July 3, 2014

7/3/14 Campbellford to Hastings

This morning, we joined Ken and Ann in town for a few minutes before heading for the lock.  We were able to get this photo of the statue of the  Loonie (Canadian $2.00 coin).


We left for the lock this morning with Charis and C.A.R.I.B. but when we arrived the lock was not open and another boat, Roundabout, was first in line.

 We were concerned that four boats would not fit in the lock, but once it opened, we were given instructions on rafting together.  Our beam is only 11.5 feet, but all of the other boats were much larger.  Charis rafted to Roundabout leaving only about 2 feet between their boat and the other wall.  We rafted to C.A.R.I.B.  Of the 6 locks, some raftings were port ties, and some were starboard ties, but the last stair-step lock did not allow rafting and each boat was attached to its own cables.  The reason that rafting was not allowed:  this lock filled from both sides.

Charis and Roundabout
entering a lock

Lon on C.A.R.I.B.

cottage for sale

 Yesterday's temps were in the 90s.  Today's temps were in the 70's, giving us a much more comfortable day. 

As we arrived in Hastings, the group split up again.  Roundabout and Adagio, with mooring passes, tied up to the top of the lock wall.  Charis and C.A.R.I.B.  headed for the town marina.  Tomorrow we head for Peterboro, 35 miles (and only 1 lock) away.

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