Wednesday, July 9, 2014

7/9/14 Bobcaygeon to Fenelon Falls

After an extremely windy night on the lock wall (with 3 lines holding the boat), we headed out at 1015.  It was much colder today, and still windy.  Today we traveled 15 miles with no locks until the very end.  On the way, we saw a group of small sailboats off our port side.  They appeared to be a youth sailing class.  The boats were spread out over a great distance.  The sailboat closest to us overturned and we were the closest boat available to help.  There were three children (probably middle school age) that had climbed on top of the upside down sailboat.  They were waiving their arms and asking us for help.  They yelled, "please get our chase boat".  I asked them what marine radio station they were using and the kids didn't know.  Another sailboat with kids on it stopped, but they left.  At the kids recommendation, we tried  channel 14 and 15.  Then we tried the marina on shore which was about a mile from us.  Still no response. The kids were getting cold.  The wind speed was 11 mph, water temp was 70 and the air temp was 60.  We kept circling them and finally decided that we should call the Canadian Coast Guard.  We reported our latitude/longitude, the number of children on board and the wind, water and air conditions.  Just as we finished our report, the chase boat that was supposed to be watching these children showed up.  We believe they heard our coast guard call.  As we were leaving, the coast guard also responded.  What was amazing is that the chase boats were at least a mile from these kids and not apparently aware of the situation. The other sailboats were also a great distance away and oblivious to the situation.  Glad we were there.

Entering the canal to Fenelon Falls, we saw lots of interesting cottages.


When arrived at Fenelon Falls lock there was a stiff current.  We struggled to tie up to the blue line.  Above the blue line was a Fenelon Falls sign made out of shrubs.  Very nice.

Once we settled on the upper lock wall, along with several other looper boats, we had lunch and then Ann and I walked around town.  There were several nice shops.  We thought the town did a really nice job with their flowers and the attractiveness of the shops.

Lunch at Lake House
We took a short walk across the lock to look at the falls, which are beautiful.  It's understandable that the town is named for these falls.
Dinner tonight was at a restaurant that had a Wednesday night special of wings for fifty-five cents each.  Ann, Ken and Ron took advantage of the special while I tried the steak sandwich.

We pledge each day that we'll eat on the boat, but we arrive at these towns and are enticed by the nice restaurants.  Once we get to Georgian Bay, this will change.  We will probably be in secluded anchorages instead of on town walls.   

Early to bed tonight so we'll be ready for a 0730 departure in the morning.  We want to get ahead of the other boats, if possible. 

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