Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/17/14 Bay Port Marina (Midland) to Beausoleil Island

After a free pump-out at Bay Port Marina, we headed for a dock on Beausoleil Island.  Because Ken and Ann were still waiting for their alternator to be returned to the boat, they stayed at Midland.   There was one spot left on the cruiser dock as we pulled in at 1100.  Wood chips are used in the area near the boats on this dock, we believe, to protect from mosquitoes.


There are hiking and biking trails, cabins, beaches and a ranger station with restrooms and cold showers here.  We were warned in advance that there are “shy” rattlesnakes here.  Garbage bins have bear warnings on them, too.  We hiked to the ranger station and back with Duke.  The looper boat behind is a Blue Jacket 28 (DeDe) which Henry and Diane built themselves. 

They are from Virginia.  Diane is a deaconess in the Methodist Church and specializes in finance.  Henry is retired from the electronic communication industry.  There were lots of boats anchored offshore.  We took a dingy ride with Duke to look around.

A sailboat (being single-handled) near the dock was trying to anchor when his anchor line detached from the boat.  A lady on the boat pictured below dove in and retrieved the line but not the anchor.  Later, her husband got their dinghy out and salvaged the anchor and returned it to the sailboat.  Boaters are great about helping one another. 

The docks here were brand new and nice and wide.

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