Monday, July 28, 2014

7/28/14 Still in Killarney

High wind warnings on the North Channel and Georgian Bay have kept us in port today.  This is a nice place to be stranded.  There are lots of boaters here, many of whom are loopers.  Two sets of boaters are from Bloomington, IL and Normal, IL. They keep their boats up here and spend time on them each summer. Each time they see me, they say, "Hi,  Pekin". 

We crossed the shuttle boat to the other side several times already today.

We had heard about the sticky (cinnamon) buns at the family restaurant, and just had to try them. They certainly lived up to their reputation.  I asked one of the waitresses how many they make each day.  She said most days they make 10 dozen.  They are typically gone by noon.  The bakery also has homemade breads, cookies and butter tarts.  Gateway Marina (and small marine store) was started by the waitress's grandparents.  They then opened the bakery and later the Family Restaurant.  Everything is still made using the grandmother's recipes.  We decided to try the homemade soup and homemade bread for lunch.  It was very good, too. 

I also asked one of the waitresses where they do major shopping.  This town has 420 people and only one small grocery store.  She said that they go to Sudbury, which is an hour and a half away.  She says she goes ever couple of weeks for groceries and other supplies.  Ann was told that the children ride a school bus daily to Sudbury (1 1/2 hours each way)  and, due to weather, can miss as much as 50 days of school due to weather. 

A number of boats pulled out today despite the wind advisories, but an equal number pulled in. 
One of those boats had been anchored when the winds picked up last night, and his anchor did not hold.  He was washed up onto an island and one of his engines was damaged.  He tried to call for help but was unable to raise anyone on the radio. He finally used his I-pad to reach his daughter who notified the coast guard.  A large coast guard cutter came to the rescue and escorted him into Killarney.  Thankfully, they are safe and sound, but may need some boat repairs. 

Duke has had two baths since he arrived in Killarney.  He finds the stinkiest stuff to roll in!  He's in the doghouse!!

Every evening in good weather, the marina has a "boat in movie" displayed on the screen on the bluff. 
The winds are supposed to die down tonight and we will have a good opportunity to go through customs and return to the U.S. by the end of the week. 

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