Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/10/14 Fenelon Falls to Lock 40

We had planned to leave Fenelon Falls at 0730, but decided to wait until 0800 because we would have arrived too early at the next lock.  During the week the Trent Severn Locks open at 9:00 am and the last lockage is at 5:30.  They have extended the hours from last year when they made major cuts in services. The towns and the lock staff are very happy that the longer hours have been restored.  More boats mean more money.  We arrived at the first lock of the day and there were two boats already waiting for the lock.  Just as the lock opened, one of the houseboat rentals showed up and they let him in the lock first.  We were surprised that they didn’t make him wait.  However, these inexperienced boaters on the rentals are not safe around other boats.  We think the lock staff was trying to protect our boats.  The only problem with that strategy was that the houseboat was then in front of us and we had to pass him. 

Then we went into the “narrows” of the Trent Canal.  A securite’ announcement is required prior to entry.  We encountered two oncoming houseboats in the very narrow stretch but made it past them at a very slow speed.

One of the locks today was another lift lock like the one in Peterborough.  However, this time we were going down.  As the boat pulls in to the lift, you can look over the edge and down into the canal below.  Beautiful but very high up!
top of the lock

top of the lock

leaving the lift lock
After one of the locks today, we were instructed to wait before entering the canal.  The Kiawatha cruise boat was coming toward us and was too wide to allow our boats to continue so we waited in a wider section until the cruise boat passed us. 

not Duke

At the end of the day, we tied up at the bottom of Lock 40 and had a picnic dinner

with Ann and Ken.  This peaceful, rural setting is similar to many on the Rideau.

Duke decided to take a long run on the shore.  Ron went after him, but Duke arrived home before Ron.

 In the morning, we will enter Lake Simcoe, a large body of water.  We planned the crossing on this lake carefully because winds/waves can be treacherous.  Tomorrow’s winds are predicted to be 5mph. 

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