Sunday, July 20, 2014

7/18/14 Beausoleil Island to Echo Island South Anchorage

0800 we pulled away from the dock at Beausoleil.  We wound around through narrow well-marked channels most of the morning.  There at lots of cottages on islands here.  We wonder if they used generators or have an underwater cable to the mainland.  They must be fairly self-sufficient for the water, sewage, and garbage. 

This area is gunk-hole territory—anchorages abound.   We saw a grocery store/gas station on the water.  This is probably a provisioning store for those in cottages.

While we were underway, we heard a call on the radio from Kadadi to another boat.  We immediately recognized the unusual boat name and called him (John) on the radio.  We had met 3 years ago in Florence, AL on the Tennessee River and at the Rendezvous.  The next time we saw them was on the Chesapeake right after John had broken his leg in a fall from his top deck. We saw them again in Delaware City.  Georgian Bay is their home.  We had a nice conversation with John on the radio.  He even remembered Duke!

We stopped at Henry’s Fish Camp for lunch and ran into Chuck and Margaret on Francesca.  They were heading for Parry Sound for two nights.  We imagine we will meet up with them again. 
Henry’s is an interesting place.  You can come by boat, sea plane, water taxi, tour boat or jet ski.  There were 3 sea planes, a water taxi and a tour boat there during our lunch.

  After lunch we headed to South Echo Bay.  There were already several boats anchored and two more pulled in right after we did.  Some boats tie their sterns to shore using rings on shore to secure their lines.  We chose to float freely since the water was an adequate depth. 

Echo Island South Anchorage
neighboring boater tying to ring on shore

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