Sunday, July 13, 2014

7/13/14 Orillia to Big Chute Railway Lock 44

Ken was spot on about the weather forecast.  He predicted that it would clear about 1000.  We waited until 1100 and pulled away from the docks.  Although it was windy, it turned out to be a fairly nice day.  At first, our two boats were the only loopers, but we were joined about an hour later by Estrellita and some non-looper boats.  Since it was Sunday, there were lots of locals on the water, too. 
It is slow going in many spots because of the 10 km speed limit.  The terrain was pretty.  It now looks more like the north woods.

rocky shore

swimmin' on Sunday

swing bridge opens

We transited two locks during the course of the day before arriving at Big Chute Railway.  At this lock, each boat is loaded onto a marine railway.  It works like a travel lift since a sling is placed under the boat during transit.
Boat enters Big Chute
Boat transits on the railway

After dinner on the boat, we walked over to the nearby marina, purchased some ice cream and got their WIFI password.

beautiful pink sky at sunset

In the morning, we hit the chute.

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