Monday, July 21, 2014

7/21/14 Parry Sound

Good news.  Ken and Ann's boat had a minor, not major problem with their transmission.  The linkage was the problem and it is fixed.  The electronics guy looked at our boat today, too.  No significant problem was identified.  Ron found a fuse that had burned out and replaced it.  He then cleaned out the engine room.  So tomorrow, both boats will be underway again.  The weather Wednesday is a possible problem with some wind and rain, so we hope to be in a safe spot by tomorrow evening. 

Tonight we got a ride across the bay in Don and Helen's dinghy.  They are the Canadians who led Ken and Ann from Midland to Parry Sound.  We were joined by their friends Carl and Karen.  We walked into town from their marina and had a lovely meal at a Bay Street Café. 

On the way to the Café, we saw the Bobby Orr Performing Arts Center.  For those who don't remember, Bobby Orr was the famous Canadian hockey player.

beautiful hydrangeas

After visiting for a while on Don and Helen's boat, Don took us back across the bay in his dinghy. 

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