Sunday, July 27, 2014

7/25/14 Byng Inlet (St. Amant's Marina)

Charis and Adagio entered the long inlet until we reached St. Amant's Marina.  This area is remote and we are finding that we wanted some cultural activity, music festival or something else to entertain us.  The days we are weathered in become long and tedious at times although we find things to do.  I usually practice the dulcimer, knit or read.  Ron works on charts or cruises the internet if we have WIFI.  As long as we have a clear southerly sky, we get TV through our Direct TV connection, but we only get New York stations.  Ken and Ann have only been able to get CNN on their TV. 

St. Amant's Marina is interesting.  It has a well-equipped store, an LCBO (liquor store), beer store, motel, restaurant and trailer park, all owned by the same person.  Behind their facility is a small cemetery and behind that is a lighted grassy area for helicopter landings.  The last building on that road is a small community center.  We asked where the town was and were told "this is it". 

couple we met who wants to do the loop

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